How To Find The Best Houston Electric Rates

If you’re new to the area, looking for a cheaper electricity plan or want to switch energy providers, it’s important to find the best Houston electric rates. Enter your zip code to compare rates and choose the plan that meets your needs. You can even filter by contract length and home size to make sure you’re getting the right plan for your budget.

Before you start shopping, figure out your average kilowatt hour usage. You can do this by looking at your past electricity bills, or by calculating your average use from the last two billing cycles. It’s also a good idea to take note of your usage in the summer and winter, as those are times when you typically consume more electricity.

Your energy bill may include a delivery charge from the local transmission and distribution utility (TDU), as well as other fees and charges. Some of these include an administration fee, a customer service fee, and a system access charge from the TDU. You can learn more about these rates by reading the TDU’s Electricity Facts Label, or EFL. The EFL will list the rate per kWh for your chosen electricity plan and the total monthly price you’ll pay.

Another factor that will affect your Houston electricity rates is the type of fuel used to generate electricity at a particular power plant. For example, natural gas-powered plants tend to have lower rates than coal-powered ones. Weather can also impact your electricity rates, as it will increase demand for heating and cooling. If the demand is high, your energy company will have to raise its rates.

When shopping for a Houston electricity rate, it’s important to look at the total monthly cost of your chosen plan. This includes the rate per kWh, as well as any additional charges that will be included on your bill. If you’re interested in green energy, for instance, be sure to check out the percentage of renewable energy that’s included in each provider’s Houston electricity rates.

One of the biggest benefits of living in a deregulated market is that you can choose your own energy provider and rate. The competition amongst energy providers is fierce, and they’ll do whatever they can to win your business, including offering cheap Houston electricity rates.

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