Selling Your House

No More Bank Loans: Sell Your House for Cash Instead

Many people see getting a loan as the best way to buy a new home, but it is not always the best idea. In fact, loans are one of the riskiest ways to invest money. As an investor, you want your investments to be safe and predictable. Loans are neither safe nor predictable. Discover more information here

Lending money to people and companies is risky, because you can’t always be sure when and if they will pay back what they owe.

Risk of Default

If you lend money to a person or company and you don’t trust them to pay you back, there are many things you can do to make sure they do. For example, you can make them put up something valuable as collateral. If they don’t pay, you get to keep the collateral.

Some people are so desperate for money that they will put up their house as collateral, and then hand over the keys to the lender if they fail to make a loan payment. Unfortunately, some people lose their houses this way.

Risk of Foreclosure

If you lend money to someone who doesn’t pay you back, then you can foreclose on their house and sell it. But what if the person loses the house in a fire or other catastrophe? Then they will have no place to go and will be homeless.

¬†Foreclosure is also expensive because it involves real estate agents, lawyers and other fees and expenses that don’t come cheap.

Risk of Interest

When you lend money to someone, there is a chance they might not be able to pay you back when they promise. If they don’t make the payment, then you must pay the bank or other loan provider a fee called interest. The more you lend, the higher your interest rate typically is.

Risk of Deflation

In today’s economy, people buy a lot of things with money that is tied up in the mortgage. If enough people refinance to take out a loan without putting any money down, then the value of real estate will fall. This is commonly referred to as a housing bubble. The more people borrow, the lower the value of their houses will fall when they can’t pay back their loans.