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Selling an apartment without agencies, how to be prepared

When you want to sell an apartment, you can opt for do-it-yourself to avoid paying agency fees. What does this choice involve? Let’s see documents and practices to be taken into account

Those who decide to put their home up for sale have several paths ahead of them. In each of these it is good that he is well aware of the modalities and has carried out a correct analysis of the advantages and disadvantages that derive from his choices

The seller can, for example, decide to move independently , thus skipping the passage through the real estate agency and the fact of having to pay the agency costs to this specialized intermediary. On the other hand, however, he could run into some errors and have to take into account longer waiting times before concluding.

The choice therefore is whether to pay a percentage to the agency , usually set between 2 and 4% of the established price, or act independently and take on the necessary paperwork. In making this choice, the seller must be clear that the sale of a property involves many specific steps and that the error is not improbable and could be costly. The evaluation must also be carried out in relation to the time that can be dedicated to negotiations and the sale in general, as well as the costs that would be saved without the agency’s intervention, also considered in relation to those that could be incurred in the event of error given by lack of familiarity with operations of this type.

Sale of the house, how to establish the price

One of the first steps to take is setting the price . In this evaluation we must refer to technical parameters and criteria, therefore not linked to the emotional and personal value that the property can have for the seller. Furthermore, the price must be fair and in line with the current real estate market, especially if there are many houses for sale in your area. In fact, a buyer always has several choices and the presence of a price that is too high and out of the market could lead the buying and selling activities to run aground even before starting. There are several ways to define the value of a property, perhaps the simplest of which is the one that involves comparison.