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What Happens to Your Mortgage When You Sell to a House Buying Company?

Are you thinking of selling your house but don’t want the hassle of the traditional sale process, there are two options. One is listing it with an agent; alternatively, selling it directly to a home buying company may be possible as well. So what happens to the loan when selling to one of these companies?

The Selling Agent’s Broker Will Contact Your Lender

Your selling agent will reach out to your lender and inform them that you plan to list your home with a house buying company. Generally, this is enough as the traditional process of selling involves calling up and discussing payment options for current expenses like mortgage payments or utility costs. Click here to learn more about The Cash Offer Company’s commitment to making the home selling process simple and stress-free.

The Broker Will Contact Your Lender on Your Behalf

In order for a house buying company to purchase your home, they’ll need to secure a mortgage from a bank. Your broker usually contacts the bank and sets up an appointment with its qualified mortgage specialist who will explain everything regarding the property, then assess whether or not it meets all qualification standards for getting a mortgage.

If everything looks satisfactory, the specialist will approve the house buying company and begin purchasing your home. They’ll work with you to adjust your monthly mortgage payment so it is more in line with what you can afford. With less debt now and cash offered as part of a lower settlement amount, monthly payments tend to be reduced accordingly.

Once the house buying company has their loan approved, they’ll contact you and let you know their intentions for the property. They’ll let you know how much they are willing to pay for your house, and work together with both parties in order to negotiate an agreeable price that benefits both parties.

They’ll Sell Your Home On Your Behalf

Once the house buying company has an acceptable price for your house, they’ll sell it and collect all of the money from the buyer. At that point, you are free to make any necessary improvements before listing it for sale.

They Pay Your Mortgage

A house buying company will also cover your mortgage while they purchase your home. This can be a huge advantage to you, as it helps reduce or eliminate monthly expenses. Plus, there won’t be any stress about getting your house ready to sell nor any potential costs associated with repairs or maintenance work that might need doing.